Corporate Yoga

Weight Loss Yoga

Weight Loss Yoga Exercise 1: Yoga Single Leg Rotations:

The first exercise Single Leg Rotations.  The first place to start a fitness routine is by strengthening the abdominal muscles and building your core strength.  This workout for the first week or two will prepare your body nicely for the rest of the weight loss exercises to come.

Core Abdominal Power Yoga Set :

  1. Single Leg Rotations Kundalini Yoga Exercise:  (Chakra Padasana)
  2. Guided Instructions for Single Leg Rotations:

Lie flat on your back. Raise your right leg up to about 45 degrees. Point your feet and toes away from you. Do 2-10 rotations in 1 direction and then without resting rotate the same leg in the other direction (counter-clockwise). Repeat with the left leg.

Duration: You can build up to 1 minute / leg.  You can start with 2-4 rotations per leg, per direction and build up from there.

Benefits: Builds your Navel Center and strengthens and tones your abdominal muscles. Builds willpower and strength of character. Loosens and opens up the hips.

Practice Tips: To modify the exercise bend you knees or do fewer rotations at a stretch.  Start with just normal breathing. You can also take rest as needed.

Yoga Exercise 2 – Kundalini Yoga Stretch Pose:

Here is another stomach exercise as well to ensure we get your back and core muscles strengthened .  So after you do your Single Leg Rotations take a short break and then do Kundalini Yoga Stretch Pose as described. Also, you can take multiple breaks in between.  Try to complete 1 minute, by taking as many as 4-8 breaks in between as necessary.

 Weight Loss Yoga Pose 3 – Bhujanga (Kobra) Asana :

The next exercise that you should move onto is the famous Cobra Pose for Healthy Back.  This will start to work on your arms, shoulders and back, as well as other important body systems and internal organs.

Again, take breaks coming in and out of this pose.  For the purpose of this set, start with where you come into the raised position and hold it for some time.  Later as you get fit, you can do the cobra push-ups, where you go up and down in cobra pose.  Start with 4 rounds of 10-15 seconds each, and build up from there.

Weight Loss Yoga Pose 4 – Locust Pose

The Classical Hatha Yoga Pose – Locust Pose this is an excellent posture.

Again, use the single leg variation for beginner’s if you are just starting out and for the purpose of this set try to do 4 rounds, holding each round for 10-15 seconds each.  Build up from there. Hand by your side of hips and lift your both legs alternatively. Next put your fist under your groaning area and lift both your legs together. Hold the stretch for 10 sec.

Weight Loss Yoga Exercise 5 – Tree Pose

Hatha Yoga Tree Pose for Balance is the next posture of the set.  First bring your hands together in Namaste Pose as shown, but now raise them above your head as straight as you can. Be careful not to lose your balance with doing this posture and if you have trouble with it simply do Palm Tree Pose) instead. You can do up to 1 minute per side, taking breaks in between as required.




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