Teenexcel workshop to empower our teens

How do we empower our teens?

By knowing when to step in and out.
By taking interest in them.
By acknowledging and accepting them, their accomplishments and their dreams.
By teaching them how to build and develop trust, respect, values and beliefs.
By listening to them without judgment.
By giving them the attention and support they need.
By providing them with opportunities to succeed and celebrating with them when they do.
By modeling healthy behaviors for them to emulate.
By setting them up to succeed with attainable goals and realistic expectations.
By giving them a positive environment in which to live and thrive.
By loving them unconditionally, despite what you may have been given.

If you have a hard time doing any of the above or are getting resistance from your teen, Let yourself  join hand with our teenexcelmind team. Teenexcel is an advocate for both parents and their teens. We understands that life and parenting can be hard if you don’t have the right knowledge, guidance, support and tools to make it easier.  Contact us 37785644

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question answers

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