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Dear Parents: If your child has problems staying still long enough to finish homework, this may be a great exercise for the both of you to do together before any homework session or exams. When children cannot learn their subject well, they feel stressful & agitated which makes them difficult to stay focused on studies. They lose confidence and feel low. This technique deals with the fear of failure without having to talk about it and also helps with comprehension and concentration. This exercise can be used for studying, to help prepare presentations or speeches, or to tap into creative skills. Anytime both sides of the brain are synchronized. This exercise helps these students to neurologically cross the visual midline, thereby activating both right and left eyes, integrating the right and left visual fields and increasing hemispheric integration. Drawing Figure 8’s in the air, with streamers, or against any surface improves thestudent’s reading mechanics, symbol recognition, and comprehension (long-term associative memory).

Apan-MudraApan Mudra involves both hands. It requires placing the tip of thumb, middle finger, and ring finger together of each hand and extending the other two fingers straight upward. When needed, it can be done for 5-10 min every day.s self confidence and positive energy in a individual
There are numerous benefits of doing Apan Mudra as it improves the physical and mental state of the body.
* Most effective aspects of practicing Apan Mudra are cleaning and strengthening.
* Apan Mudra generates self confidence and positive energy in a individual

Contact : Reiki class or Next Skills Personality Development Workshop,  jainkamleshjain@gmail.com

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