Lets use Reiki Magical love and light for putting your Children to sound Sleep and making them calm and peaceful.

Let Reiki Healing energy guides you in managing your child stress. Your routine will be as follows:

1. First put your children in their bed and Reiki pyramid their room.

3. put the Power Symbol on every wall, window, bed, ceiling, floor and door, affirm to activate the Reiki pyramid.

5. Invoke Reiki, create a ball of white light in your hands then visualize divine Ball going up and expanding throughout the room removing all that bothers and negative energy out.

7. then standing around your children’s bed with your both hands spreading Reiki energy ball up into the room that clears the room, goes down through their body (starting at their head then working slowly down to their toes). Then finally the light goes down into the ground taking all of their troubles away and then heals the Earth. Also go through the chakra colors here, one color after another.

9. then end it with giving thanks for bringing these loving energy to the children.

The beauty of this routine is that you can make it as short or long as you like. You msy use this routine on yourself as well and it will put you in a deeply relaxed state. img_4812.jpg

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