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I met, very impressed, sat behind in Car with somebody very successful in his business, asking about secret of his success, and then ohhhh oops what I saw was so embrassing and disappointing. He was shouting at Driver, followed by his secretary. “whole magic got disappeared. Oh I really dont know this person”. he got response from me. I gave him the following anger management formula, I hv been using and practicing in my life and in my trainings. Do you also face such situation? Try this


Formula :-acknowledge, Accept, Postpone A A P आप

A : Acknowledge the anger with positive impression

“Wow! I am angry on…..situation or person”

Wow is positive feeling and anger is negative there you confuse you mind. It drops down 60-70% anger.

A : Accept the anger,

“Hmm yes ok I am angry and I want to shout or throw or beat this person or at this situation.”

P : Postpone the reaction.

“Ok hmm wow I am angry and want to shout at him or her, let me do it after 1 min. Or clean my specs so that I can do it nicely. Or Let me hv sip of water or go to washroom and come back n shout.”

With this dialoges in your internal world you can convert

Your reaction into Response. #kamleshnlpbusinesscoach

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