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Golden light blissful guided meditation

Dear Friends,

When we all are feeling the same pain and same concerns, suddenly Health is become prime concern for all of us. Why not make wise use of this COVID locked down period and start reflecting and developing new habits and new goals. Invest in Exercise, reading, writing journal or learn any new skills. Meditation is one such skills which can lead to have best physical and mental health.

Join me in this guided blissful inner journey which will help you with healing from negativity , illness or emotional trauma that we are all facing. As you know whatever the mind focuses on, the body feels the same and we attract the same. Science has proven that you can change your bio-chemistry in the body by focusing on positive things and attract the same. By visualizing golden healing energy flowing through certain parts of your body you can start to feel a bright, youthful and joyful energy moving through your life. Meditating on the golden light energy can create an instant healing reaction in your body. So knowing how to focus on and absorb this vibration of golden light can truly empower you and alleviate the mood and motivate.

Lets explore the blissful path towards making the whole world peaceful and happy.

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