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Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

Emotional Intelligence Do u have it ? Are you a true Leader? 

As a leader, you have an incredible opportunity to change someone’s life every single day. It could be something as simple as saying hello, writing a handwritten note stating you did a good job today or remembering your employee’s names when you greet them. Some leaders take these things for granted, but believe me your employees will feel valued. Leadership is all about people, the little things make a huge difference and the organizations that gets it are the ones that ultimately succeed.

Good leaders always have higher influence but how do they increase their influence on the point where people accept what they say. They do this by connecting with people emotionally. That is where emotional intelligence comes into play. Here are some of the reasons why a leader should be emotionally intelligent.

Manage emotions effectively
Better social awareness
Seamless communications
Conflict Resolution

With emotional intelligence, leaders can control their emotions, which prevents negative emotions from influencing their decision-making skills. As a result, they are less likely to make hasty decisions. Moreover, emotionally intelligent leaders are great at understanding the emotions and care about the feelings of others. That is not all, leaders who have this leadership quality not only handles conflict in a better way but also play an important role in conflict resolution.  Book your session today. 

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