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Are you aware and mindful of “Know it all” Syndrome?

5 Behaviors of a “Know-It-All you” Syndrome, be aware and mindful.

1. ARGUMENTATIVE, If someone is constantly trying to argue, there’s a high chance that this person is a know-it-all.

2. CONDESCENDING: Mostly so sure of their own knowledge that they tend to be condescending to the people around them.

3. “WELL, ACTUALLY…” its a favourite sentence.

4. INFLATED EGO: Of course, since a know-it-all live with the illusion of knowledge, they have no idea about all the things they don’t really know.

5. Changing topic or Shifting their point of view often. How to deal :- being aware a know-it-all’s tendencies can make it easier for you to make sure you’re not displaying those same behaviors. Self-awareness is incredibly important, and sometimes it takes a little bit of self-reflection to make sure we don’t act like a know-it-all ourselves. The Key is to tactfully divert back their attention to the core issue.

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