Topic: Unleash your potential and open opportunities in new normal.

RCCG Divine Favour Assembly, Rotary Club of Lagos Island, 

Triune Foundation 

and Excel Minds Group

 is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Unleash your potential and open opportunities.     

Keynote Speaker:

Professor Luke Onuoha, Deputy Vice Chancellor, 

Adeleke University, 

Ede, Osun State.           


  1. The future of work in a post covid economy.  -Jane Mutinda   
  2. Insight of emerging  career abroad opportunity viz university study perspective-  Piyush Jain  
  3. Work and study abroad with  Migration  opportunities analysis-  Yasmin Sait 
  4. Leading with agility and resilience during turbulent times-Empowering yourself with Emotional Intelligence tools -Kamlesh Jain
  5. Identify and scan opportunities in a turbulent times- Dr Adebowale Ayobade

Host: Jerry Akinsele

Time: Saturday Aug 29, 2020 

Time: 09:30 AM West Central Africa

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