#Vacancy #Excelmindsjob at Benin Republic

JOB DESCRIPTION – Country Manager- Benin Republic

  1. Education & Experience- MBA, B.Tech, Msc, Bsc, Supply Chain, Business Development, Agronomist Bsc any strem with experience in import & export of agro commodities from Benin Republic.
  2. Languages- French & English is Must
  3. Experience- 3 years to 10 years
  4. Job Designation- Country Manager/Business Manager
  5. Job Description- Including but not limited to
    • Profit center management including Logistics, Port Operations & Clearing/forwarding functions.
    • Relationship development with various government bodies, customs, & inspection agencies for smooth operations.
    • Market Research, Cost Analysis, Procurement, Supply Chain Management, Distribution for Rice, Sugar, Raw Cashew Nuts, Soybean, Shea Nuts etc
    • Vendor Development & Distributors Development
    • Warehouse Management
    • Responsible for increasing net revenue by understanding market conditions.
    • Efficient organizer, motivator and a decisive leader with the ability to motivate teams to excel and win.
    • Team player to coordinate with management & finance team for pay rolls, P&L, Taxes etc
  6. Salary- 1200-1400 USD including local & expat salary plus house & local support
  7. Reporting- CEO
  8. Joining- On or before 1st Nov 2020 please send cv

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