Women Empowerment Programme

Women Empowerment ProgrammeThe Programme with its holistic and modern approach takes care of not only PHYSICAL but also EMOTIONAL and MENTAL ASPECTS of women. In a nutshell the programme empowers the women with proper proven tools to handle the demands of today fast paced modern society.


  • Positive affirmations meditations
  • Self Esteem and wellbeing skills building
  • Dance, Drama and music


  • Games and activities to improve confidence
  • Knowing your strengths and weaknesses
  • Remove the fears of past and future.
  • Team building activities
  • situation and character based activities


  • Hygiene and Beauty
  • Right food and Exercises
  • Know your skin and Hair
  • How to take care of your skin, hair and body.
  • Providing solution to the common beauty problems faced.
  • How to create homemade beauty products

There will be Healthy food cooking Dayand an outing how to choose your right beauty and food product for your body and skin.

Finale: Organize the Fashion Show: – Create dresses which are recycled and used in the support of Go Green initiative and create awareness about our responsibility towards our environment.

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