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Dear Friends,

Forgiveness is important when it comes to personal recovery, without it we will forever the continue cycle of blaming ourselves and digging ourselves into deeper sadness. When we focus on forgiveness, we hold ourselves accountable for the mistakes that we made and recognize that our self-worth is still infinite and that we are still lovable. It is hard to balance the feelings of compassion and regret simultaneously, but, through practicing forgiveness, we are slowly able to learn the mechanisms of how to achieve this. This meditation is extremely powerful and emotive. It focuses on recognizing the mistake we made while simultaneously recognizing our self-worth and ability to be unconditionally loved. Forgiveness is rooted in self-love and you will surely learn to love yourself.

Begin like you would with any meditation, finding a still and quiet place where you will not be disturbed and where you feel safe and content. Since this takes few seconds to starts, put on your earplug, take some deep long slow breaths and center yourself as best as possible. Continue some long, slow and deep breathing and, if you feel that it is right for you, you can place your hand over your heart at this time. This will work to remind you that this is an exercise of self-love. 

Journaling is a powerful way to reflect on this meditation. If you choose to journal afterwards, consider reflecting on the advice and self-examination that came forward during the exercise. Writing down what you know you need to change or do will help to hold you accountable for doing so and prevent future mistakes of a similar sort.  Wishing you Reiki love and light, stay blessed

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