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Jargons of an effective CV

Series of Important Skills To Show On Your CV

With so much competition in today’s jobs market, it’s essential that your Resume stands out from those of other applicants. To make sure of that, you should focus on your key skills and include key words

Employers give you all the info you need when they advertise vacancies stating what they are looking for and the skill set that the ideal candidate should possess. But how correctly do you go about creating a targeted, skills-based resume that not only emphasises the right skills for the job that you are applying for also your strengths. Remember it take just few seconds to scan cv, look for key words and then discard it. Few second leading to only tjose key word which are important for employer.

How to Identify the Right Skills

Each Cv that you prepare should be specifically tailored for the job that you are applying for. How to do that we will be showing you in series of our incoming posts.

This may seem more difficult than it actually is. All you need to do is to adopt a strategic approach and calmly amd carefully review the skills that recruiters have outlined in the job description, then tailor your Cv these skills and strength

Every section in your CV should contain information that adds value to your application, the information that you include must be relevant. Don’t be tempted to add in a skill you don’t really possess, just because it is listed in the job description.

For employers, the way in which you convey your skills is perhaps one of the most important elements of your Cv. A recruiter or hiring manager will want to know what is in it for them if they recruit you.

Specifically, they will seek to answer:

  • What you could bring to the company
  • How you could make a contribution to the department and wider organisation
  • How you would complement the existing team

You therefore need to show not only which skills you have, but also demonstrate how you have used them in your earlier jobs.

For eg leadershop/Teamwork is one of the most critical skills for you to demonstrate.

Cv writing is altogether a different option we keep we recruits.

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