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Amazing Crystal blue Colors Meditation for Aura, and helps in healing body physical pain , disease, stress anxiety and phobia

Dear Friends,

During this Lock down period, to avoid all those negative thoughts and fears coming back to you, why not start siting for 5 min and practice mindfulness meditation.

This is an amazing Crystal blue Colors Meditation for Aura, and helps in healing body physical pain , disease, stress and anxiety, phobia, negative thoughts, Insomnia and discover calm state of mind. It helps you to let go negative thoughts and feel peaceful. Do like and subscribe the channel to have more beautiful meditation alerts.

As colour Blue is the energy of pacification, self protection, sweetness and tenderness, and of loyalty. It represents contentment and reunion with the Earth.

At Aura level : Blue in the aura represents a teacher or a very sensitive person. They are kind and caring and will do much to help others grow.

Healing takes place at all the levels : Cooling, calming, restructuring of the etheric level, taking away pain when doing deep tissue work and work on bone cells. Blue also helps to expand a person’s field to connect to his/her life task.

Everyone has memories they would rather forget, and they may know the triggers that bring them bouncing back. Bad memories can underlie a number of problems, from post-traumatic stress disorder to phobias. When an unwanted memory intrudes on the mind, it is a natural human reaction to want to block it out. The more we dwell on a memory or rehearse the specific events surrounding the memory, the stronger these neuronal connections become. If something frightens us when we are young, the memory of that event can become a little more frightening each time we recall it, leading to a fear that may be out of proportion with the real event. A small spider that frightened us once may get bigger in our minds over time. A phobia can result. The memory remains there as long as we revisit it from time to time. This meditation will help to remove all those bad memories and unwanted thoughts. Try and see the results, remember the 21/90 rule, practice for 21 days and see the change and then follow it for 90 days to further train your mind. Do message me how you feel and for any guidance and suggestion.

Guided meditations are an awareness tool that allows us to be in conscious and live in present. Headphones recommended for optimal experience. Do not listen while driving. I advise you to make yourself comfortable and tap into your inner peace, positive mindset, and the ability for self-healing. with Love and Blessings.

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