An Invitation To Attend The Women in Africa Quarterly Summit

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the world into a recession. A total of 81% of the global workforce of 3.3 billion people have had their workplace fully or partly closed.

Restrictions on daily life have led to the closure of many companies and the laying off of staff – either permanently or temporarily. The International Labour Organization (ILO), World Health Organization and the United Nations (UN) are all clueless.

How are women coping? Are they surviving, thriving, or are they becoming poorer and poorer. These are the questions we will be answering at Women in Africa quarterly Summit.

In lieu of this, “Women in Africa for Transformation Initiative” is specially inviting you to Women in Africa Quarterly Summit with the theme Surviving The Storm.

Objectives of The Summit

  1. To give African women important tips on how to ride the storm and thrive during the Covid-19 pandemic
  2. How to use innovation and creativity to cushion the effect of the economic crisis
  3. Introduce women to the skills of the future and how to explore online job opportunities

Conference Theme: Surviving The Storm (The economic impact of Covid-19)

Date: 23rd May 2020

Time: 11am

Venue: Zoom

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