Corporate trainings

Business Writing/Email Writing

Experts estimate that as much as 90 percent of human communication comes from non-verbal clues such as voice inflection and body language. In business writing, however, you have only the words to get your meaning across, so the way the writer uses those words becomes more important.  On-the-job writing matters – from RFPs to planning documents to client emails, your employees represent your organization every time they craft a document.  Workshops on this topic can cover grammar and punctuation errors along with common writing mistakes and memory tips for avoiding them.  In addition, participants can learn strategies for writing more efficiently and effectively.

Customer Service and Excellence

Poor customer service can hurt a company in many ways, including loss of current and future customers, loss of employees, declining revenue, and ultimately complete business failure. Since improving customer experience is one of the most important objectives a company can work toward to becoming a recognized brand and realizing increased profits and sustainability, customer service management must be implemented by recognizing then addressing the causes of poor customer service before a bad reputation quickly spirals out of control. Customer service excellence training can offer proven ways for employees to manage various types of challenges. Specifically, it can show them how to handle conflict, stay calm and learn to defuse angry customers, improve communication, use emotional intelligence to enhance relationships, and use their natural abilities and talents to serve customers. These skills can help eliminate the biggest customer service complaint, which is rudeness and discourteous behavior (tied with being unable to get a human on the phone).

Time Management/Productivity

In today’s busy world it is important for workers to be as effective as they can with the limited hours of time during the day. If the unexpected interruptions and crises are affecting your employees’ productivity, then it is time to take control of the workday! Efficiency training can include topics such as practical and specific time management skills to increase effectiveness and reduce time-wasted activities; effectively managing Outlook and email; managing calendar and to-do list; how to prioritize and plan your day using your natural energy cycle; the basics of important decision-making of action items; and action steps to reduce interruptions and procrastination.

Soft skills and Customer service Excellence

Here is the Most intriguing and relevant training you can never miss out. Customer Service excellence means much more than a helpful and positive front facing team. Your performance measures, service standards, customer metrics and customer focus all influence the customers ‘perspective on your organization. Customer Service excellence as a cultural value can also bring internal benefits, improving team performance, reducing complaints and providing a more dynamic and fulfilling working environment. The Training Seminar will help managers/Supervisor/team members grow the toolkit to make service excellence part of their team or an individual ‘DNA’.  Providing customer service excellence is what will keep your customers coming back.